Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun fact friday and why you shouldn't be me

In no particular order here are some random facts about me:

1. I have to get any even dollar amount at the pump when filling up for gas, like $42.01 kills me (OCD much???)
2. My ultimate pet peeve is grammar. Too instead of to and their instead of there (nails on the chalk board). Hello people the iphone has spell check, no excuses!!!
3. I have twin siblings that are one year younger than me ( 1 year and 20 days to be exact and yeah I feel bad for my Mom)
4. Yes, I am sorry I do sometimes laugh when my kids fall down or get hurt. I immediately make sure if they are okay though but yeah I am a bad person
5. My name is Tara (tar-uh) and am ALWAYS called (tear-uh) and actually my boss whom I have been working with for three years still doesn't even call me the right name. I have given up though and let her call me what she wants.

While my blog is also suppose to be about running truthfully not alot of running has been going on in my life. Truthfully sometimes its easier to just throw in one of my insanity videos and bang out a workout. Truthfully sometimes I am lazy and don't get up early enough or am too tired after working all day and catering to my darlings to head out at night when it isn't too hot.

Beach to Beacon is right around the corner though. I got a free entry through work (I work for TD Bank) and was able to save myself  $40 bucks. Wahoo!!!! I need to get bacl on track for this.

Don't be me!!!

Nothing is more annoying than heading out for a run and turning on the Garmin to read low battery. Grrhh. I try to remember to plug it in after every run but apparently didn't.  So alas, I had to use Mapmy run.

Don't be me!!!

I ran once last week so yeah I was huffing it through this run. I generally dont allow more than three days between runs or I die. Last night I died.  I am getting back on track with a three run a week minimum (two shorter faster runs and one long distance)

Pay no attention to that wigit in the corner! The daily mile log that has zero miles because A) I forget to charge my Garmin and B) I keep forgetting to login and enter my Garmin serial number. I even set an alarm to my phone to remind me to do so last night and forgot. Epic fail!

What are your weird habits or pet peeves? Tell me please I am not the only one that always forgets to charge my Garmin? Anyone doing Beach to Beacon? IT'S ALL GOOD, IT'S FRIDAY BABY!!

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  1. I went out for a 20 mile long run once and my garmin wasn't charged. I had no idea and ended up running it without it. Good thing that I was on a trail with mile markers :)